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Miscreated – Exploring the lands hunting Players and Surviving.

Welcome to the best steam surival games released. Miscreated. Miscreated is an open world survival games where you must scavenge houses, mines, caves and fix vehile. In this episode there is some great player vs player action. I’m usually not into PVP, but when you play Miscreated Survival….u must survive! Do you make Youtube Videos?…

Miscreated on Steam – Open World Survival Game – game features and review

What is Miscreated? Another amazing Survival game is here, Miscreated is an early access open world survivor available from Steam and a huge open world sandbox. Miscreated survival is far from easy, but with the miscreated survival guides and reviews we will be posting here regularily it will be a huge help! Another awesome game,…

Miscreated – The helpful Miscreated Survival Guide Exploring the Mutant Cave PART 1

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